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The Point-
The Sexy Body Diet™

Let’s not kid ourselves ladies, whether you believe it or not- the rules of today are this. As women, we will always be judged on how sexy you ARE or AREN’T. Whether you are silently suffering in your own body, your relationships or in your life, or celebrating your sexy factor to the utmost, every woman has a sexy component that can be continuously nurtured, developed and loved.

We as women are naturally sensual creatures by design and it is now up to us to either NEGLECT it or NURTURE our sexy, sensual side.

The Beauty of It is… The Choice is Yours!


Here is a List of Signs you are
& Need The Sexy Body Diet™

  • Check out the Sexy Body Diet in Fitness RX Magazine March 2009 Issue!
    You chomp on ice
  • You overeat
  • You sometimes feel neurotic & possessed or that someone else is in control of your life
  • You are ADDICTED to sweets
  • You can’t get enough carbs
  • You are a CARB-AHOLIC and SUGAR FREAK!
  • You are easy to snap
  • You are on the edge
  • You are easily pissed off
  • You smoke
  • You drink too much
  • You bite your pen
  • Little things tick you off
  • You get jealous easily
  • You are envious of your SEXIER girlfriend who is getting all the attention
  • You cant concentrate at work
  • You have other obsessive compulsive disorders
  • You are spend-aholic
  • You cant remember the last time you were turned on
  • You spend too much money
  • You buy things you don’t need
  • You power shop for things that are non-essential
  • You spontaneously spend money you don’t even have!
  • You have too many purses and shoes
  • You are never satisfied
  • You are comfortably miserable
  • You cant remember the last time you had an orgasm
  • You are not happy
  • Moments of joy are very infrequent
  • You forgot your passions in life
  • You oversleep & sleep too much
  • You are withdrawn
  • Its hard for you to connect with others
  • You listen to your negative inner voice and allow it to dominate you!
  • You shun attention from the opposite sex
  • You purposely avoid attention by hiding yourself through poor clothing, hair and make-up choices

Introducing “The Sexy Body Diet™”

  • Learn how to flirt to get what you want!
  • Learn how to become more alluring to the opposite sex
  • Use the Art of Seduction to your advantage in all areas of life
  • Reconnect with your lost sensuality
  • Rekindle passion in your relationships
  • Learn that “Sexual Self Exploration” is actually healthy for you
  • Recognize if he is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now
  • Enjoy easy to do at home exercises that help you put the swing back in your sway
  • Use sensual foods to boost your mood, increase your libido and playfully seduce with!
  • Learn how to get the man that you want- not just the ones that cross your path

You will learn this Vital Must-Know Info Including:

  • How to create your most beautiful sexiest look ever with glamorous beauty tricks from the top Makeup Artists to the worlds sexiest women.

  • BE “SEXCESSFUL” at everything you set to do -Whether you are trying to get promoted at work, get ahead in life; get that man that is on your radar and the body of your dreams!

  • Lose weight & gain more confidence, stamina, energy and endurance,

  • Experience your own personal sexual revolution!

  • Learn how to naturally become more sexy and attractive to the opposite sex.

  • You will enjoy an increase in your sexual energy- you will tighten and tone your pelvic muscles, your “LOVE ZONE”, you will learn to move your hips from hypnotic hip rolls, you will learn basic striptease moves to use in the bedroom!

  • Learn how to look better naked!

Use this much desperately needed lifestyle program to your advantage. You can choose either to delicately weave in “The Sexy Body Diet™” Principles into your life or you can push it till they hilt full throttle! You are in the driver’s seat!

Use the
“The Sexy Body Diet™” to your advantage on any and all levels!

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Get Fit With JNL
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A complete weight loss guide consisting of a total of four full weeks of workouts! JNL's own personal food plan for a total of 4 weeks to help you jump start your weight loss results instantly. That's a total of 28 days of delicious different recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners and including health snack ideas too! You also get, super charged motivational tips to get you and keep you focused Fail proof tools and techniques to melt the fat and build sexy lean muscle!

The 411 on The Underwear Fashion Craze of Shape Wear
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Discover this Super Hot Trend that Helps Lose Inches, Nip In Your Waste, Smooth Out Your Panty Line, and Banishes that Back Bra Bulge Instantly!

The Secrets of Solving Cellulite
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Banish the Bumps to Reveal Smooth, Sexy Legs, Butt an Thighs.


If you want to get started in the Fitness Beauty, Glamour, Entertainment Industry, you must read “The Sexy Body Diet™” I will give you the top checklist of essential steps you must take from taking photos to creating a website to be known, booked for jobs and considered a true, reliable professional talent in this industry!

“The Sexy Body Diet™” I will give you the top list of photographers that you can trust, have faith in and are experts in creating sexy glamorous beauty shots for you to enjoy and also a gift to give to your loved one to remind you what a sex goddess you are!

If you want to be regarded as a “go-to girl” who is on the cusp of the cutting edge fitness beauty glamour information of our time, you must read
“The Sexy Body Diet™” or you are living in the dark ages!

Don’t be out of touch- if you want an instant sex, beauty, glamour, exercise, a positive image jumpstart- you must read
“The Sexy Body Diet™”

If you think you are Ms. Super Sexy, you will learn so much more
than you even thought you knew!

If you are on the other had “Sex, what is that? I forgot the last time I even had sex or had a sexy thought!”- don’t be out touch! Don’t be in the dark! Stop being afraid and embrace and enjoy the celebration of being a woman in today’s new era where being sexy rules!!

Whether you believe it or not, science indicates that being sexy is a primal instinct is essential to SURVIVAL! We are wired as sexual beings in our DNA- As the regulators of our entire beings, hormones are triggered by anything sexy! Learn what it takes to be super successful in all areas of your life in the SBD

Ask yourself these very important questions-

  • Have you ever lost weight and still didn’t look attractive or feel sexy?

  • Have you ever lost weight and experienced a decrease in your libido?

  • Have you ever lost weight and still looked horrible naked?

  • Have you ever lost weight and men were still not attracted to you?

Well that WILL NOT be the case with the
“The Sexy Body™ Diet”

Next time you watch the weather on your local news channel, you most likely see a very beautiful attractive sexy woman doing the weather?
Why do you ask if she’s sexy? Because NEWS IS BORING! It’s raining, partly cloudy or sunny so in order to get people to pay attention they put an eye-catching hot bombshell!

Being Sexy Gives you that Extra edge
in your life & Being Sexy Works!

My name is Jennifer Nicole Lee, Fitness Celebrity, Author, Mother, devoted wife, and Cover Model! I am passionate about all healthy and fit things in life! And your sensual side of your personality is no different! I know first hand what its like to feel fat and frumpy, especially after I became a mom. I had either been pregnant, breastfeeding, fat, or somewhere in between for the span of about 5 years. For a while there, I was like “Sex? What’s that?” And I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt sexy! And it was nothing that my husband did, because he loves me unconditionally, and in all my past shapes and sizes! But my not feeling sexy or looking sexy it was more about ME, me as how I saw myself and how I nurtured my own sensuality. I realized that I was NOT alone, and that there where millions of other women out there, that just had lost the link between themselves and their sensuality.

So I went on a search interviewing women from around the world who had experienced the loss of sensuality in their lives, and how they regained all their sexiness back. I also tapped the experts in the love and sexuality fields! The answers, information, tools tips and techniques that I discovered will outright shock you, motivate you and inspire you to be your best woman ever! And men, if you are reading this too, this is the BEST gift to give to your loved one, because she will increase her love and admiration for you through the most precious gift ever, the gift of LOVE and Affection!

And I know what you are saying to yourself-Sure JNL, you have always been sexy, looked incredible in a slinky swimsuit, and “being sexy” comes easy to you. This could not be farther from the truth!
I grew up in a small secluded country town as a first generation Italian. I know first hand what its like to be outcasted, talked about, looked down upon, and regarded as “less than worthy.” I also know what its like to not have any real role models to look up to, especially not having any empowered and educated women in my child hood to look up to.
I was lost sensually and self confidence wise until I met my husband and especially after the birth of my second son. But I educated myself on what the super successful and super sexy women did! I now know what they do, how they think, what their personal sexual rituals are, and what they do to look and feel their sexiest best! And it’s all compiled in
“The Sexy Body Diet™.”

Are you in a State of S.O.S.?

S.O.S. Stands for “Sad, Overweight & So-So”

Don’t make this your Fate!

“The Sexy Body Diet™” is
Here to Rescue You & Bring you From Blah to Bodacious

“Being S.O.S. - Sad, Overweight & “So-So” Got Me Nowhere!

This was me THEN
this is me NOW!!

So I did Something About It!
I used my Principals In The Sexy Body Diet™ & went from That to THIS!” –JNL

And thanks to me finally realizing what I had to do to radiate health, happiness, and sensuality, I have over 25 magazine covers to show for it along with key media appearances on such huge shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, E! Entertainment‘s Most Beautiful Women, CBS Early Morning Show, and Inside Edition, all documenting my fat and frumpy to fit and fabulous transformation.

From my Sexy 12 Page spread in Muscular Development July 2008 Issue! Proving that once fat women and moms can be Sexy Too!

And most recently, I’ve graced the cover in the latest American Curves, August 2008 Issue, possibly my sexiest spread yet to date! My point is this: If you aren’t sexy now, you will be after you read “The Sexy Body Diet”. And if you think you are sexy now, you will become just that much sexier after you read “The Sexy Body Diet™.”

And let’s take a closer look:
By nature women are supposed to be sensual and in touch with their feminine side. But with long hours at work, screaming kids, and throw in a couple of bad relationships in, women are FED UP and don’t know how to press the “I feel sexy button”, or even know if they still have one. So my quest began, and I started my research and discovery by asking “Sex-perts”, other women, empowered women, famous celebrities, and many other notable female famous personalities on the very following questions below. I dug deep into the psychiatry on what made a woman sexier, assure of herself and confident than the others. Was it her upbringing? Was it the relationship that she was in? Was it her sense of self? I was on a mad quest for the answers; to not only help myself, but to help all the other women out there who were silently suffering sexual wise in their own lives.

  • Why are some women more sexy and confident than others?
  • How can a woman regain her lost sensuality?
  • Can a certain diet make a women feel sexy? (YES, and you will see which ones!)
  • What techniques and rituals can women do to increase her libido and lose weight at the same time?
  • How can I gain the attention of men that I want to seduce, and bar the ones that I can’t stand?
  • How can a woman regain control of her sensuality and sexy side?
  • Can a libido and sexual confidence be increased by certain rituals and practices?

And I am here with the answers!! But make sure you are sitting down; as this super charged sensual information may be quote shocking to you, but at the same time EXTREMELY HELPFUL WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL SENSUAL MISSION!

I want to bust some very common myths and lies that women tell themselves on purpose, but are completely FALSE! I urge you to read on and learn and to finally understand the hidden power and potential that all of us as women hold inside. And being a beautiful, loving, giving and sensual person is what we were designed to be! So stop lying to yourselves and start enjoying your sensuality again!

Read these “LIES” that most of you are telling yourself and forcing yourselves to believe, and then read the TRUTHS REVEALED AFTER!

LIE #1: You have to be a typical “blonde hair, blue eyed, size 2” 18 year old to be considered sexy. I will never look like I stepped out of a PlayBoy magazine! I might as well give up and give in! I will never be sexy!

In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn the top “Super Sexy Secrets” that the sexiest women do in order to be in control of their own sensuality and femininity. And guess what! Being sexy has nothing to do with fitting into the “standard mold” that society has placed upon women! It’s a new era, with a new attitude towards looking and feeling your best! And in “The Sexy Body Diet™” I disclose to you the #1 SUPER SEXY SECRET that you must know about now, that ALL the super sexy women know and practice first hand!

LIE #2:
I have had a string of horrible relationships! There is NO WAY that I will never find love and enjoy being intimate again! I’ve sworn off men for good!

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how that “the PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE!” Just because you have a bad track record of men, doesn’t mean your future will also! Don’t allow you to use your “rear view mirror” to guide you in self love, relationships, and how to look and feel sexy. In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how to stop sabotaging and manipulating men in their tracks!

LIE #3: My mom seems to come from another planet when it comes to sex. She didn’t teach me then, so why should I start now?

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn everything you needed to know and more!

LIE #4: My relationship is fine, and we’ve been together for years. Why start now? It won’t get any better than it is now.

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn hot, new exciting ways to improve your relationship, with yourself and your lover. One of the Sexy Body Diet’s success principles are you will lose what you don’t use, or you will diminish what you don’t improve upon. The catch phrase that many

LIE #5: I’m too old to reconnect with my sensual side. I might as well give up and give in on love.

In “The Sexy Body Diet™”, you will be shown in deep detail that you are never too old, or too young to become a master at feeling and believing that you are sexy! “The Sexy Body Diet™” stands for optimal health, in all four quadrants in your life: physical, spiritual, mental, and of course sensual! We are in-depth human beings that need and deserve all sides of our personalities to be nurtured and love! And in The Sexy Body Diet™ you will be shown how to embrace your feminine sexy side!

LIE #6: I would have to become “addicted to sex” or a “sex-fiend” to “learn how to be sexy again!” And that’s just not my personality! Plus, with kids and a husband who falls asleep after dinner, who has time to “get sexy” again?

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn healthy, wholesome fun fresh ways just to feel good about yourself, in that female empowered way. “The Sexy Body Diet™” is not about having sex all the time, but learning to enjoy yourself, get back in touch with your sensual side again, and just EXPERIENCING THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL, LOVING WHO YOU ARE!

LIE #7: I’m imperfect, and I have so many imperfections, like scars, bad teeth, thin hair, and a bad self image. I’m pretty much a lost cause. No one every notices me, and if they do, its all negative. I will never be considered sexy, so why should I even try!

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn that you are "perfect" in your imperfections! You will also learn how to camoflauge and downplay your weaknesses while playing up your strengths! You will finally get noticed, all eyes will be on you, and you will love the attention!

LIE #8: In all my past relationships, the men have worn the pants and told me what to do. The fact of even letting my future boyfriend what my wants or needs are scares me to death. I don’t have the backbone to demand what I want in a relationship, let alone know what I want!

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how to “program” and “wire” your men to do as you direct them too. You will learn first how to map out what your goals and objectives are in a relationship, and see if he is the one who can give it to you! In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how to size up a man in 2 weeks, instead of 2 years!

LIE 9#: My mother told me that “self-exploration” is a bad habit and a sin. But I hear other women speak about it. I should never touch myself, because it also causes bad health side effects

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn that “masturbating” is not for the desperate and dateless! Unless it’s interfering with your life, the modern “Sex-perts” give you solid science based proof that self exploration is healthy and natural. I mean come on; our mom’s Tupperware Parties are now being replaced with “Sex Toy Parties”. Learn in “The Sexy Body Diet™” how to blend it into your “daily grind” to spice up your sex life with your partner. A solo session is more than just an easy way to put a smile on your face. It’s the secret to busting through mental blocks, and find new ways to rack up big orgasms during sex when with your loved one.

LIE #10: My body is shot! I’m not in the best shape, and I don’t have the confidence that I need to flirt, and feel sexy when I’m in my birthday suit. So I will just settle on being a nun, or settle with being with men I really don’t want to be with.

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” will retrain you to feel sexy instantly, therefore radiating a sensual vibe that all can sense. You will be able to walk into a room full of people who know you and also strangers and they will be able to pick up on the sexy aura that you give off. And just like a faucet, you will also be able to shut it this sensual energy when you don’t need it. Plus, settling for the D-grade man of your dreams will be long gone! You will learn how to attract the man of your dreams and keep him at your side with the new sexy workouts and food plans provided!

LIE #11: There are no such things as foods the increase the libido, or so called “aphrodisiacs” This is just an old wise tale!

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” we show you that there are such things as SUPER SEXY POWER FOODS that you can use to increase your mood and the mood of your lover with. The great thing is that they have been scientifically proven to increase sex drive, and have the power of seduction! And you probably even have them already in your kitchen’s pantry and fridge! And they are inexpensive sexy foods and super charged ingredients that wont even break your budget!

LIE #12: I am not a Victoria’s secrets runway model and I will never be able to have the sexy body language that sends off that super sexy aura. I have never been able to walk the sexy walk, and I can’t even pretend to have the runway walk that I sway my hips around!

THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how to move your body in a super sexy way, from our exercises such as Hypnotic Hip Roles, Strip Tease basics, Pelvic Thrusts, and Kegals that not only tighten and tone your “love zone:” but help loosen up your ligaments, allowing

LIE #13: I don’t flirt, and I don’t even know how too! I will never be able to master the art of seduction!
THE TRUTH: In “The Sexy Body Diet™” you will learn how to use your power of your femininity in flirting! You will learn how to turn your flirting skills on and off, and to use them at the right time! You will learn the different “Levels” of flirting, and use it as a skill from a level 1 to a level 10!

Still Not Convinced? Just read what “The Sexy Body Diet™”
readers are saying:

“This is the ONLY diet that your boyfriend or husband WON’T mind you’re on! He will thank you for all the great sex tips, wonderful sensual exercises, and delicious recipes that are filled with aphrodisiacs, to help improve the quality of your lives”
-Charlotte, from Texas

“I can’t believe that I got MY groove back after having kids and going through a devastating divorce where I found my husband cheating on me. Now after “The Sexy Body Diet” my kids are so proud that I’m there mom, and my ex is begging back. It’s nice to be back in the driver seat of my life!”
-Karyn, from Nevada

“Even though I’m in shape and am at my ideal weight, I didn’t know what to do in bed! My sensual confidence was at a level 3! Now I’m off the charts and so assure of myself. I learned so many helpful tips that now my love life is on fire, and I never felt better or more satisfied!”
-Carol Anne, from Florida

“All I know is that I have never felt sexier, healthier, more glamorous & more confident in who I am, where I’m going in life, and people are giving my respect who I never dreamed would. There is something magical in The Sexy Body Diet™ and I want all women to experience the burst of energy I have in my life too.
-Sophia, Houston



With my extensive ties to the entertainment and fitness industry, I’ve asked the Top Publicist of LA of the Hollywood’s Hottest Female Celebrities to tap her glorified rolodex, and present this question to the following Starlets:

Read What These Top Celebrities Have to Say about Being Sexy:

Eva Longoria-“I am continuously reconnecting with my sexy side, even after getting married.”
Madonna-“That even becoming a mom has made me hotter and sexier.”
Carmen Electra-“I have certain sexy secret rituals that I perform that keep me confident. I always “channel an icon” when I’m in the bedroom, almost as if I take on a role of another female’s sex goddess.”
Angelina Jolie-“Being pregnant made me feel sexier. I am naturally thin, so when with baby, I was full and big. Plus Brad loves my super roundness when I was pregnant. And sex was more fun, because we had to get creative. Being sexy means being in love with who you are in all stages.”
Scarlette Johansen-“My fiancé Ryan Reynolds makes me feel sexy. But the truth is, without him, I still feel sexy. This is the secret to female empowerment. A man doesn’t make you sexy, you do…”
Jennifer Lopez- “Embracing your figure at any size or shape means being sexy. I have learned to love my trademark famous backside. I’m curvy, and healthy. That’s sexy.”
Jessica Biel- “Being sexy means being true and not always trying to be sexy.”
Lucy Liu: “I love being on Lipstick Jungle. It showcases the fierce, fearless women of today that make the world go around”
Jessica Alba-“Being Sexy is knowing that I can become a mom, the most important role I will ever be or play, and that I can still achieve my career goals.”
Kim Kardashien- “Embracing my big healthy round rump, and not listening to the critics, or following those unhealthy “get skinny” diets.”
Christina Aguilera-“Being sexy to me is having a husband, but not being afraid to flirt with other men, or to also have them find me attractive.”
Fergie of the Black Eye Peas-“Having the balls to venture out on my own as a solo artist is sexy to me. Other women did it, so I thought, I can do it too. It was a decision I stand behind, and I love feeling sexy!”
Mariah Carey-Being sexy means to me taking risks in life…in my career, my business, and my relationships. I love following my heart, passionately, and I have never been happier since. And trust me; being “skinny” is not sexy!”
Rihanna- “Breaking the mold is sexy, hot and fun. I like to live a little bit on the wild side. This is sexy to me.”
Jennifer Hudson-“I’m big, I’m black, and I’m beautiful! I am grateful that I have learned to love the skin that I’m in, and my recent appearance in the movie Sex and The City taught me that you can feel sexy no matter what you look like!”
Beyonce- “Being bootylicious and embracing my curves is sexy!”
Gwen Stefani “I got many sides to me, I have tom-boy to high-glam and the fact that I am an artist, a mom and a wife makes me sexy.”
And of course, me! Jennifer Nicole Lee- “Womanhood is like a book, with many several chapters. Fortunately “Sensuality” is a chapter that all women have in their books, however unfortunately, many of us even don’t open it or explore the chapter. I urge all women to become their own authors of their own Sexy Chapter, and enjoy being a woman, no matter what their shape, weight or size! Life is short, FEEL SEXY!”

What about the movie “Sex and The City” that grossed over $60 million its opening weekend? It's no wonder that this movie made record breaking history! Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha exemplify the modern day multidimensional woman that has it all, including a super- fierce body that is confident, sexy, strong and fit!

And let's face it ladies, when you look good, you feel good! If you feel like "Sex" has left your "City" it's time to
BRING YOUR SEXY BACK with “The Sexy Body Diet™”

“The Sexy Body Diet™” will help you lose that darn ugly fat, blast cellulite and allow you to build feminine sleek and sexy muscle tone with only 4 short workouts per week! Some women are even experiencing the enjoyment of getting their hot body back and not only looking, but feeling years younger and even reporting having higher sexual energy with the help from “The Sexy Body Diet™”

We interviewed the nations top “Sex-perts” (experts in the field of healthy human sexuality) to give us tips and techniques, which are included in “The Sexy Body Diet™” on how to:

  • Feel your sexiest best
  • Reconnect with your sensual side
  • Accentuate your positives and build upon them
  • Learn to love your flaws

Don’t be a Hot Mess!

We have all seen her and we have ALL been there. She is in the bathroom vomiting, drunk dialing her ex boyfriend who has already moved on.
She is lost, lonely, dateless and desperate! She is bowing down to the porcelain god, mascara running down her once perfectly applied makeup asking herself “Why hasn’t he called? Why doesn’t he pick up? Why doesn’t he want me anymore?”

If you want to Attract Men Like This:

Don’t do This:



"My female training clients love the Sexy Body Diet because it helps them to feel sexier, fitter, and more in touch with their 'inner goddess", allowing them to look and feel their absolute best!"

Creator of Beach Body Training

If you are SINGLE-
"Just Imagine This For A Minute..."

Picture this –
It’s Friday afternoon and you are in the midst of your “at-home pre-girls night out rituals”-you have poured a glass of relaxing red wine and drawn a hot steamy bath and allowed your muscles to soak. 5 minutes in the tub is just enough to break the negative energy of a long work week. You lovingly wrap yourself in your favorite terrycloth robe before you whip up your super sexy look with the hair & make up tips you just learned in the Sexy Body Diet. You saunter to your closet and select the slinky dress of your dreams- you easily slip and slide right into it- thanks to losing those 7 pounds from the sexercises you learned in the Sexy Body Diet. There it rings again! Your cell phone is blowing up! Your ex-boyfriend is calling you, wanting you back, the guy you met at Starbucks is calling to invite you out to dinner and you have text messages from secret admirers!

As you get ready for your girls night out, you know “He”- THE ONE that has been on your radar and you have been dying to meet is going to be there tonight! With all your prepation from the Sexy Body Diet, you are READY, FOCUSED & FEARLESS. Just knowing how much fun you are about to have with your girlfriends and the possibility of connecting with the man of your dreams gets you so pumped!

You hear a honk in front of your door and it’s your 2 best friends! They bathe you in glorious compliments on how sexy you look and how great you smell. You are radiating confidence and are unstoppable! You start out you celebratory night with a Sextini recipe you learned in the Sexy Body Diet. After a round of better than sex cocktails it is time to boldly go out into the night-The music’s loud, people are laughing and talking and then it happens-You see him from across the room- your eyes connect and you do not look away, but you challenge his hold his stare.

His eyes are like lasers penetrating your being as if hes undressing you with his eyes- but hold on-… is he mr right or mr right now? It doesn’t matter because you re in control thanks to the Sexy Body Diet. You have renewed passion in your life, you have reconnected with your sensual side and you are having the time of your life thanks to the Sexy Body Diet™!

Imagine, for the first time... being that sexy, confident woman who grabs life by the horns and all the attention without even trying!

Well, it’s NOT impossible, because it’s just one step away! You can achieve that inner confidence and sexiness with the Sexy Body Diet with this complete easy to follow program!

If you are Married-
"Just Imagine This For A Minute..."

This used to be my story- After the morning battle of getting my kids up, dressed and fed to carpool them to school I would only have to turn around pick them up after a full day of boring tasks like work, picking up dry-cleaning and doing grocery shopping. I am back at home with the kids on another afternoon and my husband of 8 years comes home and just like clockwork, plops down on the couch picks up the remote control and channel surfs without a glance my way. He summons be for a beer and chicken pot pie- I prepare dinner, bathe the kids, put them to bed and he as always falls asleep in the lazy boy.

That was Then….And This is NOW!!!

Thanks to the Sexy Body Diet- I have finally gotten the backbone and courage to ask my husband for some kind of help! I have now hired a partime housekeeper who can do the grocery shopping, dry-cleaning, & errands and sometimes helps me pick up the kids from school! I have scheduled a mandatory date night out with the father of my children- the man that I love. Thanks to the Sexy Body Diet- we have rekindled the passion in our love life! He now looks at me with the love in his eyes that he had when we first met and started dating (before the kids came along) all thanks to the Sexy Body Diet™!

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Jennifer Nicole Lee
The Fitness Model Program™

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Instructor
ISSA Certified Specialist in
Sports Nutrition

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